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Hi Folks.  This is a quick post regarding a question I get often as it regards to getting a title for your newly restored (or “as-is”) VW Kombi bus from Brazil.  The question often is “How hard is it to get a title?”  The answer is “It depends on your State’s requirements.”  Normally, I suggest taking a quick trip to the DMV and simply ask them what their requirements are so you can be prepared beforehand.  Normally (can vary from state to state), vehicles 25 years or older are exempt from emissions certification.  Common things needed:

Bill of Sale

Shipping Info

Dept of Homeland Security Document

EPA document

US Customs Document

Certified Weight (you can get this at any truck stop)

VIN Inspection (some states require a law enforcement officer to do this and others just need to be taken to any dealership)

Proof of Insurance

So yeah, it’s not as easy as buying a car off the lot but if you have your ducks in a row, it can go relatively smoothly.  For those that want to “click the Easy Button”, you can hire a title clerk on a per job basis.  I did this for my first couple of buses and it definitely helped as all the DMV clerks knew my title clerk and you could tell they went out of their way to help her …help me ;).

As always, feel free to DM or email me with any questions.

Scott Mills


VW Bus Guy

IG: @thevwbusguy

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