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Although VW Bus Guy is owned and operated by Scott Mills, we have many people in our supply network that act as a team to form “VW Bus Guy” in the collective sense.

From our shop in Sao Paulo to our team looking for buses throughout Brazil, we work together to make sure you have a fun time in choosing, buying and acquiring your perfect “Kombi” (Brazilians’ term for VW Bus). While we have a trusted circle in Brazil, I will be with you every step of the way here in the United States or online if you’re ordering from another county.

21 Window VW Bus For Sale and VW Bus Restoration

Buying a VW Bus

It all starts with Brazil and the factory that enabled Brazil to push out so many VW Buses in the 60’s and 70’s (click here for a more in depth story on the history of the VW Bus and Brazil’s major role). In 1967, Volkswagon stopped making the T2 T1 original VW Bus model in Germany. At this time, the factory in Brazil still had a license to continue making the pre 1967 model bus until 1975. The factories elsewhere had started making the bay window model (T2/T2) at this time. Today, while still rare due to age, we find VW Buses in Brazil in quantities that enable us to find you a bus for you that is completely original or customized to your liking.

We start our journey with you with an initial conversation of what you’re looking for coupled with some initial ideas on what’s possible given your wants. If you want all original, we can find beautifully restored buses that have everything original down to the seats. We’ll also provide you options that you can use to customize your own bus.

These options include:

  • Samba Windows
  • Safari Windows
  • Rooftop Canvas Window
  • Luxo Trim
  • Custom seating and configuration
  • Camper style configuration
  • Custom curtains
  • Vintage rack
  • Adding different color schemes
  • And many others
We're Here to Help

While buying a VW Bus is rarely cheap, we can hold your hand and ensure the process goes smoothly. After we get your parameters of what you want, we actually go to several areas of Brazil personally to search for your vehicle. We will actually be test driving your vehicle for you instead of just ordering it. We have a shop in Brazil to inspect the bus from tires to rooftop and will do a thorough inspection of the engine and brakes. During this inspection we will find most all deficiencies that come up such as doors not hanging properly or closing well. After the inspection, we will list all details that come to light to where we can either fix them in the shop or pass on the vehicle all together.

Once you decide to buy the vehicle, we will handle all of the bureaucracy involved with “exiting the vehicle” out of Brazil. As you would expect, Brazil has its own processes that can be cumbersome including ensuring the previous owner has paid all parking tickets. At this time, we will also complete any customized items that you wish to install such as samba windows, safari widows, luxo trim, rooftop canvas window, vintage racks, etc. After we are cleared to ship the vehicle out of the country and any customization is completed, we will arrange transportation to a port city in the US where we will facilitate the clearing of customs, the dreyage from the terminal and unloading. Finally, your vehicle is put on a truck to your location (or ours if you are local) to be picked up. This whole process takes between 60 and 90 days usually but can take longer with some customizations.

21 Window VW Bus For Sale and Vintage Bus For Sale

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