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For those just getting into the wonderful world of VW buses (kombis), an early model T2 bay window bus is the model that immediately followed the T1 split window model that is so iconic with the two front windows and the “V-shaped” front end. The bay window bus has been a bit overshadowed by its predecessor but offers many benefits and advantages over a splitty.

First and foremost is cost. Demand for both models started to skyrocket about eleven years ago when rarer German buses started reaching insane auction values (some over $200k) in 2012. However, with the more crazy demand focused on the split window kombi, the average price for a bay window kombi is sometimes half the cost of a splitty. Pricing always depends on what we can buy a kombi for along with what it will cost for body, mechanical and other restoration work. But bay window buses almost always have less work needed to get them to a restored state.

Second, from a reliability standpoint they are a bit more reliable that a T1. Just due to having newer technology, they require less maintenance and thus have less issues that arise as time goes on. Because of this, they are much easier to own as a daily driver and have for longer road trips. To go further, being able to add AC, disc brakes, get a water cooled system and other more modern features makes them attractive.

In that same vein, Brazil made the early bay window model from the mid 70’s through the mid 90’s. The advantages here aside from a much greater supply is that the vehicle has been less used and will invariably have less wear and tear. This makes the restoration process much more easier and quicker in all aspects. With the global shipping bottleneck, it makes it that much more attractive to be able to get your restored baby to you a lot quicker. Who doesn’t want to show off their “smile maker” in the Spring as opposed to late summer 😉.

Last, if you’re looking to create a kombi bus with a camper configuration in the back, it’s super cool to add a “pop top tent”. You’ve seen the Westfalia pop tops that raise from one end to make a triangle top. This not only enables you to stand and maneuver easier inside but it has a sliding platform to create a sleeping area up top for the kiddos.

I’m not gonna say it’s a better option than the T1 as we can still get you a T1 that has built in equity due to our costs vs what you can sell them for. BUT, we want you to know all the possibilities as the bay window bus can provide a lot more value depending on what you’re looking for. Send me a DM, email or give me a call so we can run through your options.

Scott Mills
Owner, VW Bus Guy
IG: @thevwbusguy

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