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If you look on FB or IG, you’ll see many “discussions” that can get rather bitter on the debate of original vs. custom (or as I like to say “Intelligently Ruined”).  An absolute purist would say, if you put ANYTHING non-stock on your VW it’s ruined.  On the other end of the spectrum people can combine a VW bus (kombi), cut the frame of a VW bug while cutting the roof of the Kombi to make a VW bug high top on top a kombi bus to make a monstrosity that people scratch there heads at.

Most people lean to the original side of the spectrum.  If you want to keep your investment in a condition where the resale value will have the maximum appreciation you’ll want to make sure you don’t go too crazy on custom options.  The more custom it gets, usually the less chance you’ll have on maximizing the appreciation of your bus.  HOWEVER, by “intelligently ruining” your bus.  You can actually appeal to the majority of potential buyers down the road.

Obviously we’re poking a little fun at the purists here that have the “get off my lawn” mentality and rigidness to their personal taste.  But let’s be honest, those folks don’t care what anyone has to say so I’m fine with ribbing them :).

By “intelligently ruined”, I’m referring to popular modifications (mods).  For example, no Brazilian bus was originally a 23 window bus.  BUT about roughly half of my clients want our “premium window package” which includes adding the eight samba windows, a sliding canvas rooftop window and pop out safari windows in the front.  By the way, if nothing else, make the front windows safari windows as, to me, it’s BY FAR the best bang for the buck mod that you can do.  Other tasteful mods that I like are an “L shaped sofa configuration in the back, creating a walkthrough cabin and making the rear into a camper configuration.

What are some of your favorite mods?  If you have any questions or wanting to get more ideas, hit me up at or DM me on IG @thevwbusguy.

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ScottAn “L shaped” sofa mod on “Joanna”.

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