The Rise of the Bay Window Camper

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An “L shaped” sofa mod on “Joanna”.As split window bus values rise each year with no stop in site (I believe in about three years splits will be hard to find even in Brazil), Brazilians are more and more aware of the price Americans and Europeans are willing to dole out.  Thus, the costs go up for suppliers feeding the supply and demand cycle.

Lost in all the craziness of the split window market is the Brazilian bay window kombi.  The kombi has been to Brazilians what white work vans are to Americans for decades.  The bay window kombi started production in Brazil in 1976 and mass produced them for all of South America in a rarely changed design.  Simply put, there are a LOT of these work horses in Brazil.

While supply and demand will continue to cause the value of the split window kombi to skyrocket in Brazil, the bay window will be seen as not having much value (in the eyes of a Brazilian).  This has made it a great value to Americans that initially wanted a splitty until they realized they needed to be in the $40k’s for a decent split window bus (we can often get close to $30k but you’ll be gambling as described in previous blog entries).

With new innovations and templates.  We are now able to offer full camper converted buses with pop top tent roofs (similar to Westies) for low to mid $30k’s landed and in the $20k’s if no paint or mech restoration is wanted).  We can ship bay window buses with bench seating for as low as $18k.

Let us know what you’re dream bus is and we’ll get you some options!

Scott Mills

Owner of VW Bus Guy

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