Westy’s Too Expensive or Scarce?

We can now convert bay window Transporter buses (the T2 from the 70’s) into Westfalia like campers.    Purists, read no further as this post isn’t for you ;).  If you’re disgruntled about the costs of the split window VW buses, converting a T2 could leave you as a happy camper (no pun intended).

I know the splitties are super cool but the bay window buses have a lot more function for road trips and daily driving.  Being able to take you spouse and two kiddos camping and sleep inside is a pretty cool benefit as well.  Plus, you can actually rent them out as campers on sites like

As we see the supply of T1 buses dwindle even in Brazil (yes, there’s actually not an endless supply down there), the T2 bay window buses will be the next big importing craze.  It’s my opinion that prices on the T1’s will unfortunately continue to go up due to the supply in Brazil continuing to go lower and lower.  I see suppliers in Brazil consistently raising prices every six months.

While supply will be plentiful on T2’s, the demand will almost certainly continue to rise as people that are priced out of T1’s will consider T2’s.  Fortunately, T2’s haven’t risen too much as folks have been more focused on their split window cousins.  Long story short, they are a really cool bus with greater functionality that you’re sure to have a lot of fun with so at least consider them when buying a bus to restore.

Of course we’re happy to go through all the options that are available to you.  Just DM or email me directly and I’ll be happy to go through it with you.


Scott Mills

Owner, VW Bus Guy


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